Alignment foundation with lifting effect of Artistry
 Artistry experts created the most advanced anti-aging cream foundation with lifting effect and sunscreen SPF 20. Because of nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, skin looks more toned and elastic. Creating a beautiful natural glow, Youth Xtend technology provides facial skin young and well-groomed appearance.

Foundation Artistry Youth Xtend   It was created specifically for women aged 30+ who are interested in maintaining a young appearance, and restore skin and wish to instantly get a perfectly smooth, healthy complexion.

Engineering Artistry Youth Xtend   It provides a more taut and toned appearance. With prolonged use, it helps skin look younger and more radiant, and protective components to prevent damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays, and moisturize the skin all day long.

Optical reflective particles high resolution instantly reduce the visible manifestations of facial wrinkles and age. Due to the unique formulation of foundation it was obtained texture, which provides a uniform distribution in the skin, causing it becomes perfectly groomed appearance. Cover foundation Artistry Youth Xtend   - Medium to dense. He is able to hide the irregularities of color, spots and small imperfections. The product is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive for.

 Alignment foundation with lifting effect of Artistry

"The cream has a unique, extraordinary texture and moisturizes the skin, giving it a beautiful shine. For even distribution over the surface of the skin is enough only one drop of money! "   - Natalia Cherkasova The Russian make-up artist, a professional world-class expert on color cosmetics brand Artistry of Amway

The novelty is presented in 8 shades.

Estimated price - 2226 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova