Lena Lenina about fashion trends beauty of autumn-winter 2013-14
 Colder and turn gray in the streets of Paris and Moscow, and the soul wants to extend the summer. Fortunately, says Russian-French writer and a big fashionista Lena Lenina, you have the chance. After all, fashion this summer, blue and royal blue bright eyeshadow can take with you in the fall, and, together with bright pink lipstick receive almost summer fun every time I passed a mirror.

The main thing to remember that the main trends in make-up of the new season is administered more active green, blue, blue, purple or plum eyeliner with a fun and feline loomed "comma" irresistibly tending upwards in the form of a smile and a more intense shade of Smoky Mountains from all shades of gray.

For business the opportunity to give new autumn and suggests smokey champagne color, causing less, but still glamorous. In Paris, stylists say that the most fashionable will Smoky lacquered as the last fashion show. And most importantly, all the women of fashion trends of the new make-up and bleached blond lightens facial creams with a light touch of pink or apricot blush.

As for the main autumn-winter trends of nail polish, the best on the Web bee manicure studio Lena Lenina already actively offer black and gold manicure, like large yellow leaves fell right on the rain-washed pavement or classically sexy scarlet manicure, not very long For ease of laptops, but very sexy and causes an increase in the production of hormones in men, even at work. And of course, all this fall and winter will shine, so sequins and spangles   You should not only be on the dresses, but also on the nail polishes, and for yearning for the summer a great way of extending it becomes coral manicure.

The main thing this fall, remember that beauty is the most important skin care to makeup, so before going out into the cold, put on the skin of the lips, to bright pink or red and shiny newfangled lipstick natural chapstick on Lundenilona, ​​shea butter and beeswax which is regenerated, chamomile prevents peeling, Aloe barbadensis anti-inflammatory effect, and seed oil, jojoba and macadamia nut oil nourish and increase firmness and elasticity. The skin of the face before applying the cream in the fall and winter is especially important to soak, so there have Lunden Ilona Lenin chose a moisturizing mask with pearl powder and butter Moringa, which aligns the structure of the skin, strengthens the defenses of cells activates tired of aggressions environment skin, enriching it all the necessary nutrients and exerting a powerful moisturizing effect, leaving it clean, smooth and beautiful.

As for clothing, the most fashionable color in the fall in Paris, became gray.   Here they say: "Gray is the new black" and distinguish hundreds of shades on nails, ages, costumes and accessories. Let's see whether the gray win in Moscow. But if you win, then Lenin anyway offers

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova