The contest "declaration of love autumn"
 Fall ... For some it's just the time of year, someone says about the meaning of life and the nature of wilting associated with a new stage of life. But hardly anyone remains indifferent. So, for those who love the rain, drizzle, fog. Who's excited about the pure clear air, bright colors and chrysanthemums. Those who rejoices in the autumn as a wonderful time of year.

"Declaration of love fall" - competition, which carries with publisher Eksmo. Five sets of five books-novelties are waiting for their winners.

What should be done? Write about his attitude to this time of year, tell that you associate with fall. In general, as the name implies, to confess his love to her.

Five winners will receive a set of five books:

Xenia Bazhenov "Scarlet Star Provence"

In the novel "The Scarlet Star Provence" readers will travel to the south of France. There, where the fulfillment of every dream seems so real, that the mind gives in to sober calculation. Tanya, the main character of the novel, desperately unlucky in his personal life. For some reason, she herself, she draws only gigolos and men, in which it is impossible to rely on. Tired of endless frustration, the call is sent to Tania nice Frenchman. But even away from home life was not as rosy as we would like.

Anna and Sergei Litvinovy ​​"Madonna without the baby"

In his new book action-genre master raise the issue causing the most ambiguous emotions. Surrogacy - what is it? Deed or business? Nobility or cold calculation?

Maria Ochakovskaya "book predicted the fate of"

Book Series "Tatiana Ustinova recommends" Action-presented works of talented authors, whose work, according to the master of the genre, deserves the full attention of the readers. And Mary Ochakovo fascinating novel written by a wonderful figurative language, received the highest rating of the famous writer.

Tatyana Polyakova "One wrong move"

"One wrong step" separates the heroes of this story from the extremely dangerous situation. Will they be able to choose a safe direction, or contrary to common sense, it will be drawn into the action-packed story? For regular readers of Tatyana Polyakova answer to this question is obvious. Its heroine - a desperate woman who can take risks and bravely face the troubles.

Larissa Wright "Queen of the court"

New book Larissa Wright evokes the feeling of a bright light on the childhood nostalgia that accompanies a person throughout life. Good and wise novel "The Queen of the court" finds an echo in the heart of every man, keep the memories of first love.

Filled with the most sincere emotions, a story about love and friendship as if specially designed for a cozy autumn evening with a blanket and a book.

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Author: Anna Shustrova