England reveals beauty secrets!
 On May 30, the Central Moscow Hippodrome was an atmosphere of a small British Royal Guard, a traditional tea party at 17-00, cotillion by charming riders, ladies and gentlemen in tuxedos and elegant hats. The reason was a grand launch of the English cosmeceutical brand «Medik8». The brand is popular in more than 30 countries, and now aims to uncover the secrets of our English compatriots.

"We want to mark« Medik8 »has established itself in Russia as well as worldwide. For this «Medik8» has all the ingredients: innovative technology, bio-active ingredients and effective formula - all the best for the health and beauty of your skin "   -proiznes in his address to the guests founder Elliot Isaacs .

The opening ceremony was attended by leading professional beauty business. They were able not only to become better acquainted with the technologies create formulas, and ask questions to doctors from scientific laboratory PANGAEA, where all drugs «Medik8».

"Why« Medik8 »? "- One of the main issues in the evening. The name came about because the first drug RedAlert, to combat rosacea, which became a bestseller worldwide. The secret is that the original of the funds included 8% vitamin K.

Experts believe the brand in the beauty and individuality of each woman. Consequently, tools have been developed, any appropriate type of the epidermis. «Medik8» includes a series of care for problem skin, spots, dryness, redness and protection against signs of aging.

 England reveals beauty secrets!

Lovely ladies will please undoubted merit «Medik8». Visible results can be achieved without the irritation! The product is suitable for the most sensitive skin, because they do not contain fragrances and dyes. Lack of aggressive components, will make you forget the discomfort, and always feel a touch of lightness.

Line «Medik8» provides a full range of products necessary for the care of the epidermis. Due to the unique innovative formulas, and the possibility of an integrated comprehensive care, even the most fastidious owner skin will appreciate the level of resources and the quality!

«Medik8» promises to delight and expand the range of new products! Try «MedikSPA» procedures and acquire the funds for home care can be in the best beauty centers.

«Medik8» - British quality professional skin care for the delicate creatures on earth, and now in Russia!

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova