New-blond shades from a palette of paint-resistant mousse Wellaton
 "Personally, I think that every woman should" take time out "once or twice a year, sit down in front of the mirror and think, it is fully satisfied with the hairstyle and hair color. Even if a woman comes to the conclusion that the current way it is large enough, it will always be able to add "flavor" to please her by the trend in the painting "- Sascha Breuer, an international stylist Wella

Without a doubt, blond - is much more than hair color or another trend. For blond hair always had a special attitude in fashion and in life. And this season, the blonde looked particularly advantageous, because any of the podium shows images of hairstyles with leading fashion houses in particular will play it on light hair.

Bold fleece, high stiff hairstyles, hair disheveled like a sea breeze or high ponytails concise - these bows are perfect for blondes. And it could be another reason to decide on bold changes in yourself. Because we all know that hair color changes the mood, attitude to life, and even character! New-blond shades from a palette of paint-revolutionary mousse Wellaton   from Wella   help transform, open new features and try new looks.

Two new shades of blond-Wellaton (10/0, 8/11)   will achieve deep rich colors along its length. The revolutionary polymer formula makes the process easy and enjoyable coloring: soft foam Wellaton easy to apply, it does not flow, and quickly turns into the paint, which uniformly permeates the structure of each hair. This ensures ink distribution even in difficult places such as head and the area along the hairline. Scientific tests have proven that the technology using ammonia Wella sets an unattainable standard of safety first.

 New-blond shades from a palette of paint-resistant mousse Wellaton
  New-blond shades from a palette of paint-resistant mousse Wellaton

"Hair - a very important element of our appearance. The selected style can cause you satisfied smile every time you look in the mirror "- says Sasha Breuer. - "The woman who had the courage to reveal her beauty glows from the inside, sparkles when receiving compliments about her appearance. Women want to feel stylish and new image - it's a great first step. "

Fresh approach, breakthrough technologies, and professionals all over the world recognized quality makes paint-mousse Wellaton   the most significant innovation in the industry of home coloring in the last 60 years. It was designed specifically for home use, allowing every woman to enjoy the famous Wella quality without leaving home.

Author: Anna Shustrova