New Products Nivea: shampoo and conditioner "Hydration and care"
 Increasingly, experts in the field of hair care and stylists trichologists, talk about the importance of moisturizing the hair to maintain their health. Research in this area shows that virtually all the external factors adversely affect the moisture of hair, lowering its level. As a result, the hair loses not only external beauty but also become dry and brittle. The solution was found in the research center of Nivea.

What do we know about the problem?

Dr. Nathalie Source (Nathalie Sors), Head of development tools for hair care Nivea Hair, Beiersdorf, Germany: "The level of hydration of hair can vary considerably in the range of 3 to 25 percent - says Natalie Sors, (Nathalie Sors), Head of development tools for hair care Nivea Hair. - Lipid layer on the surface of the hair makes it watertight and inhibits moisture loss. However, the effect of this protective layer is weakened over time, and the hair begins to lose moisture. External factors: UV rays, salt water, dry indoor air, using combs and brushes, painting - all this speeds up the moisture loss, the hair becomes dull, brittle and whipped. When developing new products, our task was to make ekstramyagkuyu formula that would cleanse the performance did not differ from the usual lines, thus provide intense hydration. "


Laboratory specialists Nivea We have developed a new line of caring for normal hair tools "Hydration and care" Which provides effective hydration without weighing .

 New Products Nivea: shampoo and conditioner "Hydration and care"
  New Products Nivea: shampoo and conditioner "Hydration and care"

How it works

Natural ingredients in combination with a liquid keratin provide balanced care, gently cleanse the hair scalp, restore the surface of the hair, make up for the loss of moisture and makes hair incredibly soft.

Liquid Keratin It operates where necessary - in the natural damage keratin fibers systematically restoring structure, the surface of the hair.

Aloe vera It has the unique ability to absorb and retain moisture. Aloe vera deeply moisturizes without weighing hair at the same time.

Organic water lily extract It provides softness and smoothness.

Thanks to the soft formula means so much care for skin and hair that are suitable for children.

Cumulative effect of the actions of the formula It helps to improve the condition of hair and very soon you will enjoy the incredible softness and silky curls.

Author: Anna Shustrova