Competition "My flower" on
 "I was born a gardener, not a little angry, I'm tired of all the colors, except ..." - a line of excellent, well-known for sure, children's games, during which used an incredible amount of names of flowers and plants.

Portal and publishing house "Eksmo" invite you to take part in the competition "My flower garden." Place in the comments to this post - from July 5 to August 4, 2013 inclusive, - a photo, which shows you and your pets - indoor flowers and plants (for some it can be a remarkably beautiful flower, someone - the whole greenhouse) and, accordingly, a short story about them.

The winner, who took the first place by user voting results, will receive a gift book "Indoor plants in the interior" .

 Competition "My flower" on

* The authors - experienced phytodesigners, members of the Guild of masters of landscape art, share with readers the secrets of the creation of floral compositions of houseplants. You will learn how to choose plants for any interior, styled like a mini-garden and how to care for the finished flower arrangements. Thanks to the advice of the authors and detailed master classes offered in the book, you will also learn to make their own hands a beautiful and original gifts - birthday, Easter, New Year, Christmas or any other holiday.

The winner, who took the decision of the administration site second place will receive a book "Plants from A to Z" .

 Competition "My flower" on

* The main advantage of the book - a clear and concise answers to the questions "how?". How to choose plants suited to the climate and the interior of your apartment? How to care for the "new tenants," that it is constantly maintained decorative? How to propagate rare flower? How to help the "old-timers" apartments find "second youth"? How to protect their pets from diseases and pests? These and many other questions are answered by State Prize Laureate, Professor, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences VV Vorontsov. His advice is based on years of personal experience and modern scientific achievements.
The winner, who will determine the sponsor of the competition, the publishing house "Eksmo", will receive a gift book "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of indoor plants" .

 Competition "My flower" on

* Complete catalog houseplants, through which you will not have long to spend time and effort to "cure" colors because a detailed description of the disease and their solutions will safely cope with this problem. You'll find answers to questions about the ideal location of the plant in relation to the sources of light and heat, to close the windows and according to a particular room. The book offers exclusive material on the device of the winter garden. We present a variety of options for its breakdown, indicated on the particular finish chosen for this purpose room. Recommendations on the selection of aquariums, fountains, cascades and mini-waterfalls, fit into the overall composition.

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Author: Anna Shustrova