New from got2b: Treat yourself to a beach mood!
 Brilliant, lively, slightly curly hair, as if laid a light breeze - the most popular way of this season. With novelty got2b «Running on Waves" styling will look as if you've just come back from the beach where the wind and the sun playing in your hair!

Texturizing spray "Running on Waves" from got2b   It helps "to put" stylish wave in your hair and create a trendy beach image. Hair will be textured and bulky and lighter locks remind hairstyle beautiful mermaids. Underline its natural beauty, the wind filling the hair! Because of the novelty, they will curl naturally and naturally, their game will fascinate and to attract admiring glances.

 New from got2b: Treat yourself to a beach mood!

Apply a texturizing spray on dry or dried hair, slightly ruffled them and blow dry with a diffuser or simply trust the warm summer wind - your stylish image of the sea ready.

With spray got2b «Running on Waves"   Spring Breeze is an excellent barber, but the novelty will serve at any time of the year. Spray will quickly create a playful summer look and give yourself and others a bit of sun and good mood even on cold days. With the novelty of got2b   holidays never end, and the golden beach and the sea breeze is just around the corner - on the shelf in the bathroom!

Estimated price: 270 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova