Research Gillette Venus: how women relate to shaving
 In 2011, on the eve of entering the market innovative razor Venus & Olay global leader in female shaving Gillette Venus conducted extensive research with the participation of nearly 7,000 respondents from 13 countries, including Russia. The data showed that a key aspect of skin care women find shaving, which is like nothing else helps them feel confident. It is important not only high-quality hair removal and smoothness of the skin, but her condition after shaving: hydration, softness, tender, healthy well-groomed appearance. It achieves these results with a new razor blade Venus system of five unique moisturizing pads and Olay.

Russians emphasize the beauty of the skin and shaving
Nearly 100% of Russian residents believe that skin care is needed to feel attractive (which is 15% more than the average for all countries surveyed). 9 out of 10 Russian women consider shaving one part of skin care. 68% of respondents remove unwanted hair at least once a week, and another 10% - every day.

Skin Care - necessary, but should be simple
85% of women believe that the skin care helps them feel attractive. However, 8 out of 10 respondents want the process was as simple as possible.

Shaving - a key component of skin care
8 out of 10 women find shaving a part of skin care, and 85% say it is an important procedure in the framework of the daily care of the exterior. 67% of respondents say shaving among the main aspects of skin care - along with cleansing (88%), moisture (79%), peeling (59%), use of sunscreen (52%) and cosmetic products for problem skin (40%) .

Almost a third of women are called razor itself the right thing for skin care in the summer. The same number of respondents indicate soap and other cleansers. Asked about the fact that they took with them to a desert island, 17% of study participants selected razors. It is the second most popular position after cleaning products.

The smoothness of the skin - an indispensable condition for confidence
83% of women admit shaving important procedure that allows them to feel confident in their own attractiveness, regardless of the chosen clothes. A stronger influence on the self-perception has a showering (91%). 8 out of 10 respondents said that the most satisfied with their appearance when just remove unwanted hairs. And more than half convinced that nothing beats the feeling of smooth skin after shaving.

Preparing for responsible action in a hurry, 2/3 women never give up shaving (for comparison - 62% is required to take a shower, and 53% put on beautiful clothes). On the beach unwanted hairs on their feet for more than 20% more likely to make women feel uncomfortable, rather than a few extra kilos.

Almost 9 out of 10 respondents say the difference in the appearance and feel of the skin before and after hair removal. The majority of respondents believe that it is thanks to shave their legs look good and pleasant to the touch.

Women want to have beautiful skin and know that shaving makes the
Nearly 7 out of 10 respondents say that "divinity" of the skin - is what they seek. Interviewees describe such skin as follows: smooth (68%), health (66%), radiant (65%) and soft (61%). According to 73% of women, the skin have to be "divine" on the first date.

Speaking of ways to make your skin "divine", 69% of study participants called shaving, and 83% - moisturizing. However, while not all women believe that shaving can help to hydrate the skin. About half of the respondents do not agree with the fact that after the removal of the hair skin remains moisturized feet. Currently, only 17% of respondents point to the advantage of shaving, as an aid in hydration. Change that is designed to innovative razor Venus & Olay system with five blades and unique moisturizing pads, which simultaneously provides a smooth shave and excellent skin hydration.

Author: Anna Shustrova