Tips from an expert in decorative cosmetics ARTISTRY Natalia Cherkasova
 Summer - the perfect time for a holiday! Yet most of the summer we spend in the city, work, meet friends, go to the summer outdoor art exhibitions. And, of course, we want to look stylish, fashionable, attractive! So what is it - fashionable citizen of summer 2013?

The main fashion-hit in the summer of make-up - the arrow! Arrows chose many diva: Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn. But this summer, in addition to classic black, The cutting colored arrows. Celebrate summer with color and arrows!

Figure 1: Your daily makeup - natural

 Tips from an expert in decorative cosmetics ARTISTRY Natalia Cherkasova

Eyebrows slightly dyed eyebrow pencil - not for the effect of his thick eyebrows, but for the color (light brightening - for temnobrovyh, the effect of summer wheat eyebrows - to svetlobrovyh).

Shadows - just one shade to the mobile upper eyelid and a little along the contour of the lower eyelid - all shades close to the natural range of the face.

Automatic liquid eyeliner - a thin line along the upper eyelid. Try not to go far beyond the natural contour of the eye.

Mascara - good paint over the upper lashes, lower touch just to make the eyes more expressive and velvety with soft edging.
Lipstick is any natural shades.

The image will turn light, very fresh and natural.

Figure 2. Almost Audrey

 Tips from an expert in decorative cosmetics ARTISTRY Natalia Cherkasova

Eyebrows dyed eyebrow pencil - they need to get darker than the previous version - in fact at the top century we are now draw a black arrow and eyebrows should be in color harmony with it.

Shadows - always summer colors - pink, blue, purple. Put them on the upper eyelid moving.

Automatic liquid eyeliner - wide enough and long needle on the upper eyelid. The slightly raised tip. Look closely at the photos of actress Audrey Hepburn - here's an example of such arrows.

If you find that the black arrow is too "loaded the" upper eyelid brown shadows paint the lower eyelid - all balanced.

Mascara - black ink beautifully framed eyes, do not hesitate to apply it in several layers. The more the figurative!

Lipstick - to keep the focus on the eyes, choose light shades of lipstick.

The image of a la 50 years, we can finish the lush hair, or "horse" tail.

Figure 3. Color nymph

 Tips from an expert in decorative cosmetics ARTISTRY Natalia Cherkasova

Eyebrows - any color, it must be combined with the shadows of the upper eyelid.

SHADOWS + eyeliner (pencil or automatic contour shadows, applying a thin wet brush). Under the most fashionable trend this summer - a colored arrow - suitable brown-beige, blue and brown, violet-blue color scheme. The arrow in the diagram make-up to be a narrow, but enough (so far as the eyelid) long.

Mascara - heavily stained with upper and lower lashes.

Lipstick - choose bright colors, red or coral.

The most daring and fashionable color dare to make this summer. Look at her wardrobe and choose a pair of colored arrows and shadows in accordance with summer dresses.

If you are not sure which way you choose today, remember that true and beautiful for all occasions to paint thick eyelashes volumetric ink black, cheeks and eyelids lightly touch tan powder and paint over any shade of lip-gloss lipstick or lip gloss.

Bright summer you!

Author: Anna Shustrova