At what age women the most beautiful hair?
 Famous brand Kérastase, a guru in the field of hair care, conducted the new study, which found, at what age women the most beautiful hair. Magazine «Hello! "I published the results.

No wonder the hair of Kate Middleton recently named the most beautiful British in the UK (she even left on the 2nd and 3rd place such pyshnovolosyh girls like Cheryl Cole and Holly Willoughby). After all, the duchess is now 29 years old. Namely that age was named in the survey Kérastase, when women were asked at what age your hair looked the best.

The survey polled 2,000 British women. They also noted that in 29 years the woman has passed stage of experimenting with hair and begins to spend more money on their care. More than 50% of women admit that a lot of experimenting with her hair in his youth, including the ultra-short haircuts and different coloring. Over a quarter of women have tried to imitate his hairstyle television and movie stars (for example, the heroine of the series "Friends" in the late 1990s, or even the style of the brave elves).

Interviewed were unanimous in what they would like the hair. And 70% gave the answer "volume." And to the question, what would you change in your own hair, 41% said that would make them thicker.

An interesting study was Kérastase in the part where the brand would like to find out how many British women evaluate their hair. Firstly, it was found that almost half of the women said that the hair - the most important part of their appearance. In addition, more than 13% rated their hair in the 5-10 thousand pounds. 5% believe that their hair are 100 thousand, and 8% rated their hair in more than 1 million pounds.

Author: Julia Gnedina