Men do not care about our manicure
 Site conducted a survey among the male part of their audience. The aim was to find out what color nail polish on the girls irritates them, and what you can wear on a date. The answer was unexpected.

Incredibly, the men do not care for our nails. They do not notice any changes in the color of our manicure, unless they specify it.

The list of things that can cause your dislikes men, Earl "nail color" absent.

However, there are a few things related to women's manicure, which still excite them. This excess length of nails and nail design. According to a survey, men do not suffer too long and sharp nails, and also believe that the nail design with sequins and bows is more suitable for 12-year-old girls. And they really do not like when a woman is engaged in public with their fingernails.

You suspect that the painted nails just for yourself?

Author: Julia Gnedina