LUSH Dirty: line of products for men
 LUSH is a line of products for men Dirty. They are designed for men who care about their appearance, but can not spend too much time on it in the morning. Dirty Aroma product line is made up of separate components, which are combined into a sexy and invigorating note.

The main ingredients: mint, tarragon, thyme, moss, oak, lavender, sandalwood, neroli.

The new invention! Toothy Tabs   - A completely new, patented the idea - it is a dental tablet, packaged in convenient 100% recyclable cans. You do not need a toothbrush!

Dirty   Teething tablets guarantees fun! Sodium bicarbonate cleans the teeth, while the mint freshens breath. Your mouth will feel clean all day.

Spring Wash Shower Gel (Spring shower gel)   - Sodium bicarbonate is working to soften the water and deodorize the skin, while the peppermint, menthol and fine sea salt will make you feel fit and fresh, as if you swam under a mountain stream in the spring!

Shaving Cream (shaving cream)   - A close shave, provides the basis of ultrasmyagchayuschego oats, which steams to extract from it all the properties to mitigate, calming and moisturizing. This is especially good for dry skin, leaving it soft. Used for moisturizing shea butter, lavender and honey to soothe any irritation / redness and inflammation of the skin.

 LUSH Dirty: line of products for men

Hair Styling Cream (Styling)   - Wax from Japan provides strong hold, while the coconut oil, flax gel and herbs like balm, nourishes the hair. Cocoa butter - softens and illipe oil adds shine. Lightly scented sandalwood and extract of pine resin, your hair will look great and smell.

Body Spray (Spray body)   - Alternative to deodorant and cologne. The skin under the arm is very thin and requires a delicate product. The extract of the resin of sandalwood, lavender absolute, neroli, mint and thyme whole mix is ​​perfect to create an unmistakable aroma Dirty For a person who likes to go forward only!

Author: Anna Shustrova