Opening Corner L'Etoile in the shopping center "Okhotny Ryad"
 Network of shops of perfumery and cosmetics firm L'Etoile occupies a leading position on the Russian market, and continues to explore new territory. Today in Russia opened about 800 stores in more than 210 cities.

In June 2011, the network presented the products of its own brand!

Own Brand L'Etoile   - A true French brand, one of the best in the Russian market in terms of products for beauty and style.

Own brand L'Etoile has the honor to invite you on an unforgettable journey to the island of beauty TC "Okhotny Ryad" Where leading experts will create a brand new way for you and your beauty will make resound in new ways. You will enjoy a fascinating insight into the unique palette of products, accessories and beauty to create a collection of stylish jewelry!

Just for you individual selection of colors, advice on make-up and nice gifts from the brand!

Today, February 14, in honor of Valentine's Day stamp gives gifts to everyone who purchased the product of any three of the brand! Come yourself and bring your friends!

Moscow, Manezhnaya Square, Building 1, Building 2, 2nd level

Author: Anna Shustrova