Anna Wintour New post
 Looks like Anna Wintour, indeed, already closely only be in the position of editor in chief of American Vogue. No wonder there were rumors earlier that it can offer a job the US ambassador to Great Britain. However, the policy is to wait. For the chief editor of the cult gloss found a new position.

Condé Nast (Publishing House, which publishes Vogue and other glossy magazines) created specifically for Wintour position of creative director of the company. Reported Times. Many people say that because management wants as long as possible to keep Anna in the House, mindful of the rumors about the possible continuation of a diplomatic career for her. At the same time, Wintour is the editor in chief and editorial director of Vogue Teen Vogue.

That would mean a new position for Anna Wintour? Now, any edition of Condé Nast family will be created taking into account the views of the famous editor. Anna herself says that often advises his colleagues to any decisions, so for her consulting work is not new. Only now it will still receive a pay rise for his valuable advice.

Author: Julia Gnedina