In fact, gentlemen prefer brunettes
 The Telegraph published a study which shows that the stronger sex still prefer brunettes, blondes and not, as is commonly believed.

Research has shown that men find women with dark hair deeper and more intelligent than their friends with blond hair.

It was also found that, in terms of men, brunettes can take more care of them, it is better to prepare and maintain the comfort and cleanliness in the house. Brunettes more inventive in bed - the man is also the observation noted in the study.

Actually, it turned out that men have their own idea about the color of the hair of women, and it is clearly different from the stereotype that "gentlemen prefer blondes." Rather, they "like it hot" - so to speak, using the terminology associated with films, which starred the most famous blonde of all time, Marilyn Monroe.

The study was conducted by Superdrug. Her representative said that when women choose a shade of hair dye, they focused primarily on the stars, and not on your own image. and in vain. Because most of the stars - blonde and blonde men are not needed in such numbers.

The study involved 1,000 men and 54% of them would choose brunettes as a wife, and only 16% would prefer women with light hair. A 30% did not have this issue some persistent preferences.

If you do not speak about the wives and girlfriends of, here, too, the choice was towards brunettes: 48% would like to have a girlfriend with brown hair, 25% - are willing to Blonde, and 27% are undecided.

Author: Julia Gnedina