Madonna became a billionaire
 No country in the world where they did not know this woman. And, apparently, it has long been to become a billionaire. However, the first time the singer was awarded this epithet just now.

Edition New York Post wrote that Madonna is now - the club of billionaires. Largely thanks to the very successful last year.

In 2012, Madonna became the owner of the highest fees, her tour MDNA (by the way, she was also in Russia) brought enormous income - $ 305,158,363.

Pop icon and has found success in their business projects. Her new perfume has brought $ 60 million, 10 million more has brought cooperation with vodka brand Smirnoff, clothing line Material Girl in 2013 also earned about ten million, and still have a network of gyms Hard Candy, investment brand Vita Coco, a line of underwear for Macy.

Author: Julia Gnedina