Plastic surgery can make a woman happier
 These are the findings of recent studies which had psychologist Jürgen Margraf. Surprisingly, until recently psychologists have argued that the plastic does not make people happy, and may even lead to depression and suicide, but recent research proves the opposite.

Psychologist Jürgen Margraf with a team of colleagues surveyed 506 people who do plastic surgery and 163 patients who would like to do but pack had no experience of plastic surgery. These people were examined for life satisfaction, the presence of a sense of their own attractiveness, the level of mental health.

The chart below clearly shows that almost all indicators people who have made the plastic (in the graph shown in blue) do better than those who have not yet turned to the surgeon. This depression, social phobia, self-esteem, positive attitude, life satisfaction.

 Plastic surgery can make a woman happier

Previous studies have also talked about the fact that the desire for plastic surgery is an expression of psychological problems that can not be correct operation. But the study Margrafa proves that getting plastic surgery can actually solve many problems of the people, make them happy and feel better.

Author: Julia Gnedina