Why invoice Briton tummy like Kate Middleton?
 Did you know that Kate Middleton is a real double? This 32-year-old resident of Great Britain Heidi Agan. It copies the entire wardrobe and behavior of Kate, and receives a good fees.

Heidi is often invited to private parties, corporate events, she participates in the sweepstakes and talk shows. And for each occurrence takes no less than 650 pounds!

The girl was even a few times really confused with the Duchess and pursued with the camera flash.

 Why invoice Briton tummy like Kate Middleton?
Heidi Agan - Kate Middleton lookalike

But now the work of Heidi became difficult. No longer enough to buy a pair of shoes and one of nude dresses as Kate. After Middleton is pregnant.

But Heidi and immediately found a benefit for themselves. She ordered some overhead tummies (at different stages of pregnancy), and now her appearance in public in a way, Kate is much more expensive. So say its agents.

By the way, you know that the sewing overhead tummies for a certain needlewomen whole business? Tummies bought women who "get pregnant" with the help of surrogate mothers or babies are adopted in infancy.

And here's what's interesting. Will Heidi acquire a stroller and doll-reborn to completely like his idol when she will give birth safely?

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina