The Blitz-Contest "failed experiment" on
 It so happens that you want to do a perfect hairstyle and get what you get. How unfortunate, lounging in the rain (the sun, wind) hair and green mermaid seaweed instead of the desired color. Experiments on hair, and indeed, over the exterior can be very unpredictable. But even that is on our website becomes a topic of conversation and interesting contest!

Uniq One ​​ and offer you to share the results of their most-failed, funny, creative experimentation appearance and get a prize from Uniq One!

What should be done? Write about the failed experiment of the hair (hair, painting, curiosity) in a specially created group competition "Failed experiment" Of course, it would be good to illustrate the pictures. You can write as a personal failure, and how you managed to "please" in this way my friend, relative or acquaintance. Humor is welcome!

At the 7 winners of the contest will have an opportunity not to be afraid of such experiments with products Uniq One !

Uniq on the One Cleansing Balm   is sulfate or other chemicals that can damage the hair. The unique texture different from the usual shampoos, creamy, high cleaning power, enriched with keratin.

 The Blitz-Contest "failed experiment" on

Uniq One ​​Spray Mask universal indelible 150ml

 The Blitz-Contest "failed experiment" on

Indelible spray mask is suitable for all hair types. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that one tool replaces the usual ten tubes of hair care and styling!

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Author: Anna Shustrova