In Denmark, enabling price parity between male and female haircuts
 Remember, last year, a man sued the nail salon, demanding to equalize the price of a manicure for yourself and for women. In fact it turned out that men's manicure is more expensive. Now the situation is reversed. Women need to equalize the prices of services for themselves and for women, considering it unfair that men's haircuts are cheaper.

The precedent established in Denmark. Tip of the country Equality to consider the complaint of a woman who was lodged in February 2012. Dane claimed that considers it unfair that her hair cut short hair is 528 kronor (about 94 dollars), and a haircut for men - cheaper costs 428 kroner (76 dollars). At the same time, it had in mind was a short, almost boyish haircut.

Salon, where a woman doing haircut regularly, became the defendant in this strange case. His staff is trying to justify the fact that female hair haircut takes longer and requires more styling products. But Danish officials have decided that the haircut equal length hair should cost the same, no matter what sex the customer orders it.

Author: Julia Gnedina