The contest "Gifts-podarochki" with Avon on
 That came a magical time when you can with love and care to choose gifts for their loved ones, colleagues and superiors, bosom friends and loved ones! The world-famous brand Avon has not remained aloof from the New Year celebrations. The winner of our new contest "Gifts-podarochki" He will give 7 beautiful sets of cosmetics, and with them - youth, beauty and charm!

As you've probably guessed from the name, it will be about gifts - useful and original, for the chiefs and colleagues, adults and children. Show you how to decide with a gift, give advice, and you will help all those who have not yet decided on the show.

In this competition we will have a 7 winners   (guess why? lucky number!), each of which will receive a delightful set of cosmetics, which consists of the following:
- Liquid eyeliner "Lux"
- Mascara "Lux"
- Eyeshadow palette "Lux"
- Serum Corrector wrinkles around the eyes Anew Clinical A-F33
- Wrinkle Corrector Serum Anew Clinical A-F33
 The contest "Gifts-podarochki" with Avon on
  The contest "Gifts-podarochki" with Avon on
  The contest "Gifts-podarochki" with Avon on
  The contest "Gifts-podarochki" with Avon on
  The contest "Gifts-podarochki" with Avon on

What can you write?

- Present for certain categories of people (such as gifts for loved ones, Christmas gifts for the children Christmas gifts for colleagues, Christmas surprise for the family, new settlers Gifts, Gifts for office, etc.).
- For the types of gifts - Books as a gift (how to choose the book as a gift, that is, and that it is not necessary to give and so on), clothes as a gift, a gift Accessories, Housewares gift, Gifts for the home, Collectible toys Gift -kvest.
- On the whole gifts - Funny gifts, Unique gifts, useful gifts, mental gifts, commemorative gifts, creative ideas for Christmas gifts, with your own hands.
- About gifts for different holidays, etc.

Articles will be published in the Encyclopedia of Women

Rules for participation in the contest ...

Author: Anna Shustrova