The contest "Pet Tricks" with Paclan on
 Introducing the new competition, which carries the brand Paclan. And if you have not guessed - it is about home cunning. Those tricks, which help to make housework faster cleaning better, and still can not turn a favorite hobby too, as cleaning, to interesting.

Prizes for winners will spoil brand Paclan . Their products, just designed to make life easier for housekeepers, and to help them around the house.

The range consists of a series of Paclan Practi napkins and cloths of various sizes for dry and wet cleaning. Line Practi indispensable in the kitchen, a good fight with the dust, and thanks to the antibacterial properties for cleaning the children's rooms.

 The contest "Pet Tricks" with Paclan on

- Universal sanitary napkin with Paclan NANO-particles Practi-HYGIENE (nano-silver particles help fight bacteria and odors, wipe the surface perfectly degreasing without leaving lint);

- Antiseptic wipes to display Paclan Practi Magnit (electrostatic cloths for dry cleaning attract dust, hair, microparticles, suitable for furniture and floor);

- Mitten 3 1 Paclan Practi Microfiber (universal mitten with 3 faces. One side to remove moisture and dirt, and the other - microfiber polishing on TV screens, monitors, and the third - for polishing windows and mirrors without the use of household detergents);

- Rags with a pattern on a roll Paclan Practi Lux Absorbent (disposable wipes for dry or wet cleaning, perfectly absorb, do not rush);

- Set of 4 Paclan Practi Microfiber napkins (set of 4 universal microfiber wipes to remove grease and dirt without the use of detergents);

- Wet wipes for glasses Paclan Practi Soft (in seconds wipes clean stains and drops with mirrors and glass without leaving streaks);

- Wet Wipes for refrigerators and microwave Paclan Practi Soft (no need to mess around with a rag and wipe the surface several times, because it wipes for refrigerators and microwave perfectly dissolved fat droplets).

The competition takes place December 21, 2012 to January 21, 2013 .

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Author: Anna Shustrova