Kate Middleton - the second place in popularity. Who's first?
 Google unveiled its list of the most popular searches in the world in 2012. It seemed that Kate Middleton was to take first place in the category "People". However, the Duchess of Cambridge is only in second place. On the ground - another woman.

Total Google recorded in 2012 1.2 trillion searches on 146 languages ​​of the world. Name Kate looking very actively. Internet users watched her tour of the Pacific Ocean, were interested in participation in the celebration of Kate Diamond Jubilee of the Queen of the United Kingdom, followed her during the London Olympics, and, finally, did not disregard the news about the pregnancy. In addition, the attention awarded outfits Kate, her make-up and shopping.

But this does not outweigh the explosion of searches in connection with the tragic departure of singer Whitney Houston. It was she who took the first place in the ranking of Google. Kate was on the second line.

In another category of Houston also ahead of Kate. In the list of "requests" Kate in 6th place, Whitney - on the 1st.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina