Model Eva Herzigova pregnant, but continued to work
 The British edition of the Telegraph reports that the Czech model is waiting for the third child. Gestational age - the second trimester. But Eve continues to go to the podium. However, only on special occasions.

One of these occasions was the charity show, which took place in Prague (Czech Republic) on November 28. Charges of shares went to the Save the Children Fund. Leaving the pregnant woman on the podium in the last years almost in vogue. This was done at the time Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, Aleksand Abrosov, Gisele Bundchen.

Now Eve is already five months pregnant. Model awaiting the birth of the spring of 2013. Sex of the baby is unknown. Together with Eva are waiting for her husband Gregorio Marsyazh, and their sons George and Philip (he was yet two years). Interestingly, Eva - age mother, even by today's standards, she will give birth to 40 years, my husband would - 39. Although the age of the famous Czech model, as pregnancy is not an obstacle in the work. Most recently Eva has been named the new face of cosmetics line Dior Capture.

Eve is not the first model with many children. Four children from Heidi Klum, three Natasha Vodianova.

Author: Julia Gnedina