She was stuck in the garbage disposal in search of luxury cosmetics
 RIA Novosti reported today tragicomic incident that occurred on Wednesday in the city of Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk region. Girl accidentally thrown in the garbage disposal brand new cosmetics expensive. Realizing that was a mistake, the poor guy got into the garbage disposal through the hole on the second floor - and got stuck.

According to rescuers, the dead of night the neighbors affected call emergency services, as someone shouted their wall. It turned out that 20-year-old girl accidentally thrown in the garbage disposal at the level of the sixth floor of a new package with expensive cosmetics brand. I discovered the theft, the owner ran to the staircase in a T-shirt and got into the garbage disposal through a hole where there was no fold garbage. Then, by chance, she fell into the right into a pile of debris.

"Upon arrival, the rescuers had to cut using Benzorezy lock on the utility room, which was a garbage container and cut a pipe plug, and then precipitated Woman caught on his hands" - Said in a statement.

But what is most striking, after the rescue service evacuated girl, she was not hurried home, and continued to dig through garbage in search of the missing cosmetics! And by the way, later, after the medical examination, she still found all their lost money!

What did not make for the sake of beauty!


Author: Anna Shustrova