Solid perfume Chloe Bianca
 Last year, the perfume house Chloe solid perfume presented Shirley (in a silver medallion on a chain). This year during the New Year shopping Meet another elegant novelty - solid perfume Chloe Bianca.

The medallion is made in delicate shades of pink nude. As decoration - Chloe logo on the medallion and a long silver chain. Perfect Present for girls.

Perfume Chloe Bianca based on the feminine, delicate shades of rose. It's the smell at all times, every woman loves a rose, and men always ready to inhale a light veil of rose petals on the neck and wrist of his lady.

Solid Perfume should be applied to areas of the body where the blood pulsing. The scent lasts long and is renewed with every swing of your heart.

 Solid perfume Chloe Bianca

Chloe gives not only a new fragrance and feminine accessory.

Author: Julia Gnedina