The aroma of black bamboo by Demeter
 American brand Demeter is more than unusual. It is known that produces perfume with scents of our daily reality: morkraya rain land, pumpkin pie, storm, winter pond, dust, laundry, cleanliness ... This fall, Demeter will delight fans new fragrance Black Bamboo (black bamboo).

Aroma Black Bamboo is an exotic mixture of smells of bamboo shoots with vkusnopahnuschey greens. Also in the fragrant compositions may feel astringent notes of ginger. This deep, soft and exotic fragrance suitable for both women and men.

A decent choice for those who love the unusual "green" scents unisex.

 The aroma of black bamboo by Demeter

Fragrance is released obhemom 15, 30 and 120 ml, a concentration Cologne Spray.

Author: Anna Shustrova