The new gadget for cosmetic skin around the eyes
 New from Tarte promises bright skin around the eyes, swelling and lack of wrinkles. For the process takes only 2-3 minutes a day. What is this device?

The gadget is called Bright Eyed & Beautiful High-Performance Eye Enhancing Tool. All you need - is eye cream. After applying the cream you put your eye to the area around this video. It works like a mini-massager, his hesitation to do the action of a cream and serum maximum, as it increases the absorption of skin products.

Within three minutes of operation of the gadget your eye cream is completely absorbed, and you can already see the results of the action means. Massaging should be effortless, as carefully and gently. For best results it is recommended to use morning and evening.

 The new gadget for cosmetic skin around the eyes

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Author: Julia Gnedina