And your hair is able to flirt?
 The ability to flirt - it is what is given on the nature of each woman. Flirting girl obviously successful, because it is in a good mood and self-confident. With head & shoulders flirt is not only easy but also enjoyable. The new shampoo and conditioner Apple freshness - this is a new delicious flavor, ProClean revolutionary technology and unmatched protection from dandruff. Now, you are 100% turn a head, as a head & shoulders Apple freshness of your hair flirting for you!

As we know, women are at an arsenal of tools of seduction .  Playful glance enigmatic smile, a gentle tone of voice or touch - all this deliberate action, and the fairer sex own these tools flirting perfection .  But most of the gestures we make on a subconscious level, and they are the most powerful signals .  These primarily include "smarten up" gestures .  For example, when we fix our cheat flowing locks or lock of hair .  It is not surprising, because a healthy beautiful hair - a sure sign of femininity .  Such hair really look luxurious, like a magnet drawing views, giving his mistress absolute confidence in the beauty and charm, and her opening unlimited possibilities for flirting .  To make your hair become your ally in the art of flirting, they also need help - the right care and scalp .  After all, there is nothing seductive beautiful hair without dandruff . 

C new line head & shoulders Apple freshness   your hair is 100% free from dandruff * .  Its formula with ActiZinc - is unsurpassed protection against dandruff and revolutionary technology ProClean retain a sense of freshness morning shower that will not leave you all day and give confidence .  The active ingredients of shampoo head & shoulders not only removes dandruff but also help to prevent its formation, and balsam conditioner enhances the properties of shampoo, so protection from dandruff becomes even more effective .  In addition, a new fragrance shampoo Apple freshness is created like spirits and contains upper, middle, and base notes disclosed during the day .  So now to start flirting just a little swing head, correct or shake the hair .  Delicate and fresh aroma, wandering with them, and will be revealed in a whole range of sensations of freshness, sensuality, power and seduction .  Fresh apples, oranges, strawberries, lily, lily, musk, rose - all these scents will surround your hair a luxurious bouquet . 

 And your hair is able to flirt?

Be prepared to flirt, because with head & shoulders Apple freshness of your hair flirting for you!

* Visible dandruff with regular use

Author: Anna Shustrova