New beauty-ingredient: Camu Camu berry
 Beauticians world opens for us a new super berry. Her name Camu Camu (camu camu, or Kama Kama). Find out why you should love this new fruit.

What Kama Kama? These are small berries, about the size of a large cherry. Originally they are from the forests of the Amazon (Peru and Brazil). A value for its unusually high content of vitamin C. Kamu Kamu contain 30 times more than that of orange vitamin than oranges (based on the same weight).

Why do we vitamin C? It is known to many, but we recall. Vitamin C works wonders with our complexion, smooths wrinkles, firms the skin and improves skin tone. Kama Kama contains a lot of antioxidants, so necessary to fight the destructive action of free radicals.

Berry, this is new to us, but its properties have seen cosmetic brands and a range of funds with Camu Camu berry will only increase.

 New beauty-ingredient: Camu Camu berry
Capsules glow to the face from The Body Shop, a night product with berries Camu Camu.

Author: Julia Gnedina