The contest "The highlight of the autumn image" from Avon in the "Home Moms"
 They say that the spring - a time of change. But if you want to update, and new experiences right now - do not wait. Autumn is perfect for this purpose. After the summer we rested, full of energy, ideas and a desire to be beautiful and attractive. Tell us how you care for your hair, skin, body, focusing on one of its secrets. It is not only a business woman charm surrounding its style and well-groomed! Do mothers desire to care for themselves no less! And, perhaps, a new contest entries, which takes place in the "Land of Mom" ​​from 19 September to 19 October 2012, will inspire you to these changes!

What can you write? You have a lot of ideas about the autumn wardrobe? Tell us about it - this information can be useful to other moms! Perhaps unraveling the secret of your beautiful hair is some kind of gadget (curling irons, curlers and the like. D.), Medium (thermal protection spray, wax, mousse and so on. D.), Or just the right care for a certain type of hair (curly, rigid and t. e.)? .. Write about the advantages and disadvantages of certain types of equipment and devices - someone your advice will help to make the right choice when buying. Care with the onset of cold weather, too, has its own characteristics - Analyze the benefits of nourishing cream or tell about the means to combat inflammation in the skin and so on. D. Someone wants to write about skin care hands, and someone will give tips on how to deal with cracks on the heels ...

The theme of beauty and personal care inexhaustible - we hope that the great prize sets from well-known cosmetics manufacturer Avon will inspire all mothers to informative articles. By the way, the prizes will get not only mothers, but baby! All articles that meet the requirements will be posted in the Women's Encyclopedia

So each of the 5 winners will be the owner of a set of cosmetics from Avon brand . Each set includes:
cosmetics for moms ...
- Eye Shadow Color Trend;
- Mascara Superdrama;
- Lipstick Plump Pout;

... And cosmetics for kids:
- A means for bathing;
- Mild shampoo for children;
- Emollient for children's skin;
- Moisturizing Lotion;
- Cream from skin irritation;
- Wet wipes.
 The contest "The highlight of the autumn image" from Avon in the "Home Moms"

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Author: Marina Tumovskaya