The new men's fragrance from Salvador Dali
 Perfume House Salvador Dali will release a new fragrance for men - Le Roy Soleil Extreme, is a modern version of the almost forgotten little flavor Le Roy Soleil Homme in 1998. The history of this scent is quite interesting.

The fragrance was created in memory of the French King Louis XIV, or "Sun King", as he was known in Europe. In his honor Salvador Dali once wrote watercolors «Roy Soleil» (Sun King), she was inspired to create a fragrance in 1998.

The new scent Le Roy Soleil Extrême - the same as the paintings of «Roy Soleil»: strong, powerful, luxury, high-spirited.

In the center of the bottle - embossed in the form of the sun symbolizes power and the triumph of the spirit of the new eau de toilette for men. The bottle is made of black frosted glass with gold decoration. As in any modern masculine scent, this new product is a game on the contrast of freshness and intensity. The highlight of the smell - the combination of masculinity and luxury.

The fragrance is built on the notes of bergamot, lemon, pineapple leaf, cardamom, lavender, green apple, vetiver, moss, amber and musk. Very rich odor.

Aroma Salvador Dali Le Roy Soleil Extrême comes in bottles of 50 and 100 ml, in the form of Eau de Toilette.

Author: Julia Gnedina