Yves Rocher is a new fragrance So Elixir Purple
 According to the creators of perfume, this "True Elixir Purple» will open in every woman a seductive and mysterious queen of men's hearts.

You will master the magic of seduction through enchanting compositions created on the basis of an extract tuberose , Essential oils vetiver   and patchouli   and embodied in a truly sophisticated and intriguing aroma with floral and woody notes - So Elixir Purple !

The secret recipe for the magic elixir:

Head note:   aroma bergamot   - Bright and sparkling, light illuminates the composition.

Heart notes:   flower scent tuberose   It gives the flavor and appeal of magnetism; aroma vetiver   as if woven of contradictions, gives the flavor of elegance and vibration.

Notes loop: patchouli   enveloping fragrance exudes, gives strength and depth of flavor; aroma benzoin   reveals vanilla and tar pitch, creating warmth and sensuality.

 Yves Rocher is a new fragrance So Elixir Purple

Gamut So Elixir Purple   It includes: deodorant, body lotion, shower gel and toilet water.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova