Competition "Colors of summer with AVON" on
 Summer - it's that time of year where we begin to wait long before it arrives, carefully planning your vacation, making clothes, dreaming of distant lands and warm seas, or walks in the summer rain. Summer - it's an amazing time to pleasing us all the colors of life and high spirits. If the autumn - gold, winter - white, and spring - green, the summer, as you know, the red, that is beautiful.

Beauty summer - in colors that are always combine a variety of colors, tones and shades. These colors are everywhere - in nature, mood, and, of course, in our clothes. What color is your summer? Aqua, river sand, lush green, ripe strawberries or color ray of sunshine?

Project and AVON company announced a competition "Colors of Summer"   - Tell us about your summer colors, how and what you spend it.

Show us their summer colors and outfits, and win one of the top three summer prizes - sets of AVON, which included:
- Sunscreen Moisturizing Face Cream SPF 30;
- Sun moisturizing oil-body spray SPF 6;
- Moisturizing Lotion enhance tanning with beta-carotene;
- Soothing oil soufflé after sunbathing with vitamin C.

 Competition "Colors of summer with AVON" on

In order to participate and win the competition, it is necessary, in the period from 19 June to 10 July 2012, to place in a competitive photo album "Colors of Summer" from one to five photos of your summer. The main requirement - it is you and your summer.

Shooting can be performed on the professional equipment and an amateur, right up to mobile phone cameras. However, it is important that the picture quality was decent - a clear image, pure color, of sufficient size.

  Read the rules of the contest, take part and win a summer prize & gt; & gt; & gt;

Author: Marina Tumovskaya