How smells Justin Bieber's girlfriend?
 Justin Bieber has matured. He is already 18! And it marks the coming of age new fragrance for all their fans, the second account of the popular singer.

Previous smell was very successful - Justin's popularity is so high that the vials debut odor singer «Someday» bought up instantly. This perfume last year became the number one in sales in US stores. Perfumers have taken into account this fact, the second fragrance under the name «Girlfriend» (girlfriend) can be called a more mature version of the popular «Someday».

As is always the case with celebrities, launching a new product or flavor supports a different prime minister - a movie or a book of memoirs. This time -rech about the new album. This Monday, Justin presented fragrance Girlfriend, and together with him and recalled the release of his new album Believe. Promo Tour for the next two weeks, should support once the two new products: the flavor and the album. Concerts will be held in Norway, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, England, Mexico.

Justin Bieber said he does not plan to release men's fragrances, scents will create exclusively for their fans.

 How smells Justin Bieber's girlfriend?
Bottle second fragrance from the star «Girlfriend»

As for the fragrance, it is described as "flirty-complex." Among the top notes - sparkling pear, tangerine and blackberry, the "heart" - in the notes of freesia, jasmine, apricot nectar and orange blossom. And the base notes - a vanilla orchid and bright musk. Perfume will be accompanied by fragrant body products.

Author: Julia Gnedina