Jessica Simpson will lose weight after giving birth for $ 4 million
 Jessica Simpson officially announced that begins to lose weight after giving birth. But not one, but with a special program Weight Watchers, for such advertisement Jessica Weight Watchers pay $ 4 million.

Even before pregnancy, Jessica began to blame the weight gain, they continued to do so even during pregnancy and after. It looks like singer and actress tired of the hype around his body, and she agreed to lose weight by joining the famous weight loss program Weight Watchers (Weight Watchers), as announced by the fans in his microblog on Twitter. By the way, the singer and actress Jennifer Hudson once lost weight after giving birth with the help of Weight Watchers, and now sports a toned figure.

Jessica told me she wanted to start losing weight with the help of Weight Watchers before pregnancy, but when she learned that she was pregnant, decided to eat without all the calories calculations and limitations. "I thought that I wanted to enjoy my pregnancy, and I ate a lot, and everything like that only."

 Jessica Simpson will lose weight after giving birth for $ 4 million
Jessica Simpson in 2007 and in 2012

Simpson chose Weight Watchers, because they know what to watch my weight. Throughout her career, she is constantly losing weight, tried and yo-yo diets. But now I decided to lose weight, "wisely" changed radically their dietary habits and lifestyle.

Jessica will focus on achieving a certain weight, it will strive for a certain size. 32-year-old singer is planning to get a perfect silhouette, and how much it will be in kilograms - it does not matter!

Weight Watchers - an American company, is now international. It offers a variety of diet products and services that aim to help in losing weight. It was founded in 1963 by Jean Naydetch housewife, and now has representation in 30 countries. The basic philosophy of the company - a scientific approach to weight loss, the formation of good habits, smart eating and more exercise.

Author: Julia Gnedina