Limited collection Intensive restoration of Pantene Pro-V
 Be a winner with a limited collection of intensive recovery from Pantene Pro-V, designed specifically for the Olympic Games 2012 in London

The most relevant and popular collection of Pantene Pro-V Intensive restoration   on the eve of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, takes on a new look. Updated limited collection is presented in the framework of a global partnership of P & G and the Olympic Games.

Preparations for the 2012 Olympic Games in London - a tough challenge for every athlete, because it is an event - the most important in their career. The prominent gymnast Evgenia Kanaeva, who is the face of Pantene Pro-V, knows how important every little thing in the battle for the gold medal. And if the ideal physical shape Eugene achieves using persistent daily training, the magnificent view of her hair - a merit of Pantene Pro-V. The main task of the new collection Intensive restoration   - To help the hair professional athletes cope with stress during training and preparation for the Olympic Games, as well as maintain a healthy appearance of hair and beauty in everyday life.

"I am 6 years, doing calisthenics, and all this time I have combed the hair back and remove them in a very tight ponytail. This is a severe test for the hair. However, Pantene Pro-V helps them to survive even in the most difficult situations, such as the Olympic training. Therefore, due to the Pantene Pro-V, I know I can shine with beauty and win " - Says Evgenia Kanaeva, the most titled athlete in the history of gymnastics, which became a member of the team of athletes Pantene Pro-V.

One of the main secrets of beauty hair Evgenia Kanaeva - is an elixir for the split ends of the collection Intensive restoration   by Pantene Pro-V, which protects from drying out and brittleness.

"I tried a lot of different tools, but none of them came up to me as an elixir for split ends from the collection of intensive recovery from Pantene Pro-V - Says Evgenia Kanaeva. - I put it on the ends of the hair every day and do not wash off, and then they become extremely soft and well hydrated " .

Olympic Collection Intensive restoration   designed for normal to thick hair. As part of its patented formula it became "superpolimer» Triquat-76, which creates the perfect base for nutrition and moisturizing the hair, protecting hair from damage. The collection includes shampoo, conditioner conditioner, mask and elixir for split ends.

"Health - a new beauty! "- Says the Pantene Pro-V. Evgenia Kanaeva - an outstanding athlete who is proud not only for his sporting achievements, but also gorgeous hair because they look healthy, despite the usual for gymnasts hair "ponytail" and daily intensive training. Every day, Eugene uses the means of collection Intensive restoration   from Pantene Pro-V. And if they are so perfectly protect hair professional athletes, each holder of normal and thick hair will be delighted tasting means of this new collection.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila