More expensive than gold: a new cream from Shiseido
 The Japanese cosmetics company releases a limited edition of face cream and costs more than a million Japanese yen (or 8,440 pounds) for the 50-gram jar, which is 169 pounds per gram. And it is more expensive than gold, it is now estimated at 33 pounds per gram.

New from Shiseido «La Creme» will go on sale on September 21 this day the company will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the luxury line «Cle de Peau Beaute». The cream will be the most expensive of all in the world who has ever sold.

Exceptional products not only in price - will be released only three copies of the cream. "Every jar - this is handmade cream, consisting of 30 layers of crystals and three layers of platinum" - told his idea to Shiseido. The banks for the collection of cream will be almost too precious, do it now especially together with Crystal Saint-Louis, in the participating glassblower from France, whose work is highly sought after by collectors.

Who else would get precious jar of cream? Shiseido Company said that until August 30, is taking orders for a novelty in its main store in the prestigious Ginza area of ​​Tokyo. If the order is more than three, then the owners will determine the fate of creams.

Author: Julia Gnedina