OLAY Regenerist Night Energizing Elixir - elastic, smooth skin of the face in just 7 nights
 Waking up in a good mood, with a pleasant foretaste of what is ready today, and of course, fresh, rested appearance - are the main recipes for a perfect day. With Night Elixir OLAY Regenerist reborn every morning could be the beginning of something truly magical

That night skin care can be remarkably effective in the fight against age-related changes, because at this time of day run natural regenerative processes of the skin, and tools for night care help them to intensify. However, only 60% of women ** deposited funds face care at night, and only one in five of them use for this special night means, while others prefer to use their conventional fluorescent means.

But even the use of night-funds does not always lead to the results that every woman is waiting, trying to look younger. Most ordinary night creams usually just moisturize the skin *. Night reviving elixir OLAY Regenerist   not only fills the skin with moisture, but also promotes the renewal of its cells. Its lightweight formula with glycolic acid helps to gently exfoliate the skin, night after night. Total for 7 nights refreshed skin becomes softer and more elastic.

"Many tools for night skin care - it's just a rich day cream version of the same series, the only difference is that the concentration of nutrients in the night means higher than in the daytime,   - Says Dr. Shan Morris (Sian Morris), a senior fellow at Olay. - Night reviving elixir OLAY Regenerist with glycolic acid is fundamentally different from day care, because its formula is specially designed for skin care at night to intensify the process of skin renewal, run at night " .

While creating Night revives Elixir OLAY Regenerist   It was used the latest advances hronokosmetiki: it is based - the unique "intelligent formula" which restores the skin while you sleep, making it more smooth and elastic, night after night.

Fresh Energizing Night Elixir OLAY Regenerist   - The first night oil-free moisturizer for daily use with glycolic acid, which does not require rinsing and does not contain fragrances. It has a light, quickly absorbed formula that works effectively during sleep. Elixir contains antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients that provide continuous protection, as well as smooth and moisturize the skin, so after sleeping it look more smooth and elastic.

Part Regenerist Night revives Elixir   It includes a unique amino-peptide complex that penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and enhances the regeneration of skin cells, making the cells are constantly being updated and the skin retains its beauty. This complex consists of peptides and vitamins B3, E and provitamin B5.

Vitamin B3 stimulates cell renewal, provitamin B5 moisturizes the skin, and E protect the skin from free radicals. Additionally composed aminopeptidnogo complex includes allantoin, skin softening and green tea extract having antioxidant effect.

To prove the efficacy of a new Night revives Elixir OLAY Regenerist Scientists OLAY within 5 days of a special study. Based on the results it was found out that after using the elixir skin becomes more elastic 12%, 23% more hydrated and up 28% smoother and more even than before the use of the elixir.

Entrust your skin Night revives Elixir OLAY Regenerist   and enjoy stunning results night after night!

* Do anti-aging creams
** According to the research Worldpanel ™, TNS 2008

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila