The contest "Red Summer» c Avon on
 Summer is always a bright boomerang flies, but the events of that time are stored permanently. This bright flashes of unforgettable trips, picnics and fun town fireworks taste. And summer is very useful - even in large doses! In the summer we do a walk, travel, we meet with friends, eat useful goodies from orchards and gardens, as well as longer care for their appearance. Therefore, the summer can safely be called beauty-season, which this year has already arrived!

Women's social network, Women's Encyclopedia and sponsor of the contest known cosmetics brand Avon represent a new Competition entries "Red Summer" . Write an article on the subject of beauty and health, and win a wonderful summer cosmetic sets from Avon!
The competition is held in the women's social network myJulia from 5 June to 5 July 2012 . The competition results will be announced on July 6-7, 2012.

Winners of the contest waiting 10 years sets of cosmetics Avon . Each set includes:

- Moisturizing Oil Spray to enhance the Sun
- Moisturizing Lotion tanning for face and body
- Sunscreen Moisturizing Lotion Spray SPF 30 For Face
- Cooling Lotion Spray After Sun with Vitamin C
- Refreshing facial toner
- Body Lotion "Call cellulite"
- Mascara "super-long Extreme"

 The contest "Red Summer» c Avon on

What can you write?

First, of course, fashion. Write about a style that seems to you the most suitable for the summer, and a separate article of clothing and accessories for the summer (such as "Bikini", "word", "dress", "Sarong", "Beach bag", etc.).

Secondly, of course, tanning, sunscreens and other cosmetics that makes every woman unique, emphasizes the dignity of her appearance and hides the flaws (eg "Safe tanning," "sunscreen", "Sun protection cosmetics for hair", "Tone Cream ", etc.).

Third, where do without summer useful vegetables, fruits and berries? You can write about the health (including cosmetics) properties of strawberries, currants, apples, etc.

Fourth, tell us about the beauty gadgets or beauty treatments, give useful advice on their choice. This useful information will come in handy for many the fair sex.

Fifth ... We do not limit your imagination - you can choose a different topic related to the theme of appearance, beauty and health.

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Author: Marina Tumovskaya