Competition "My version of"
 Tatiana and Natalia Kalinina Korsakov, the authors of the mystical stories and leading category "Signs of Destiny" on, invite everyone to take part in the third stage of the competition "Signs of Destiny", which will be called "My Version".

Recall that in the first phase, participants were asked to continue to excerpts from the author's name, coming as close as possible to the original. The second wishes to compete in his mystical vision around. On the third and final stage, it is proposed again to write mini-stories - the continuation excerpts Tatiana and Natalia Kalinina Korsakov.

Now I do not need to guess the thoughts of the author. The main requirement - to go to the competition as much as possible creatively, make up your own, maybe even alternativnoey development.

The winner will receive a gift multivarku, the prize for the 2nd and 3rd places - Nikita Sokolov gift book "Tasty friendly party."

A separate prize from Tatiana Korsakov. Five participants whose works are like her more likely to receive a new book by Tatiana - "Muse rainy park"

 Competition "My version of"

As a result of all the stages will be selected the winner who will receive a gift bag with Italian leather accessories .

 Competition "My version of"

What will count? Activity in the three stages of the competition, the number of points on the results of user voting, the number of points scored by a vote of the jury. It will also take into account the work part in the discussion of other participants.

More conditions of competition (competitive and read excerpts) here & gt; & gt; & gt;

Author: Marina Tumovskaya