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Elena Ksenofontova: perfectionist in life

Say, what is the role of Elena Ksenofontova the movies or the theater struck me the most, I can not: it's too hard. I only know that one look at the bright and fragile woman was enough for me to realize that Elena - not only professional in the business, which brings each of its screens and the theatrical image to the absolute ideal, but in the life of a very strong and determined female. Make sure that our vain and cynical times, you can be a responsible, committed, ready for daily self-improvement, and just adequate and a very nice person, I was able to, when we spoke with the actress about the most important in the life of every woman - the family.

To get to the "desyatochku"

When prolonged Moscow winter suddenly turned into summer, when birds, dazed by nagryanuvshaya heat began to stray not in flocks, and in pairs, when the trees are shrouded in a gentle haze predlistvennoy, came into this world even 205,000 people. And some of them were first released in the walls of the capital's maternity hospital number 10.

Fitness: A Guide for Expectant Mothers

You have come a remarkable period - pregnancy. Does this mean that you have to leave your favorite gym? Not at all. Following the basic rules of training during the period of interest situation can prolong the pleasure of exercise.

Stars on "Choosing a profession"

This question is asked children literally from the cradle, and at first they were not particularly thinking, answer the first thing that comes to mind. As children get older their preferences are changing, and now the time comes when it is necessary to take a final decision ... We are talking about choosing a future profession. How to make the right choices and how important it is to work in the profession - talk about this famous parents.

Anastasia Myskina: mum cubed

The life of an ex-tennis player, TV presenter and a young mother of three young sons Anastasia Myskina painted minute by minute. In the morning she is busy on the set of programs on the channel "NTV-Plus", "Home", giving numerous interviews in the afternoon and in the evening serves as the coach of the women's tennis team. That is why his top aides Anastasia calls three nannies who look after tomboy growing up George, Eugene and Paul. As far as the "technical" vyruchalochek-sticks, then the question three times, mother - a professional with a capital letter!

Celebrate summer at the "Wharf"

Summer has finally come into its own legitimate rights! Outside the window is a beautiful, sunny weather, which means it's time to get out of the metropolis on the beach, close to the river and good food. It is time for restaurants near the water! On the territory of the restaurant "Berth" you can not just rest on a deck chair and enjoy gentle sunshine, ride on boats and catamarans, but also taste delicious Italian, Japanese, Uzbek and Chinese cuisine.

Why children do not like to get a haircut?

All good to hear mothers against their children: "Oh, what an angel! ". Outside angel depends on hairstyles: Is small rastrepku praise? And then there's the garden require that his son was a shorter haircut (problems with girls usually less). In general, one day my mother gets up before the fact: the child should mow. Why, when he flatly refuses and comes screaming at the sight of scissors. Why do young children do not like to get a haircut and how to still convince?

Garden-lyceum "World of Wonders" with the assistance of UNESCO

From kindergarten "World of Wonders" we met the winter of 2010. With the support of the photographer, we arrived at this wonderful place to tour, and talked about in the pages of our magazine. Second, it is random and unplanned meeting with the staff of the garden, also took place in the winter, but in a completely different country and under different circumstances - in Nuremberg, the international exhibition Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair, where the "World of Wonders" presented its new creation - board games for kids Wonder Craft. But as you know, accidents do not happen, so we are pleased to have come to visit the "World of Wonders" again and in a friendly atmosphere talked about these exciting games, and that has changed in the life of the garden for two and a half years.

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Author: Marina Tumovskaya