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Where to rest star?
After intense work on film sets and scenes of the stars in a hurry to enjoy a well deserved rest. The main rule: a change of scenery. And the second rule, which is shared by many celebrities - just a vacation with the children, the whole family. There is also a third rule: Holidays only rest when it away from the paparazzi. After each star is also sometimes want to relax.

Olga Kabo: more than Mom
This woman - truly a worthy example for others to follow, a symbol of the fact that the fairer sex can achieve all that wish! Be incredibly beautiful, get a decent education (and even not one) and to love their job and be very popular in the profession, to be trained to fly into space, give birth and raise a daughter, to find a soul mate, and that has become a huge rarity to have such valuable qualities as commitment and punctuality.

How to have a healthy baby?
The child's health is concerned, each potential future mother. Where to begin? To which the doctor ask? What are to be tested? ..

Allergies and Pregnancy
Allergies - this is not some exotic disease, and that the everyday reality with which to contend, and with varying degrees of success to combat many, many people. No exception, of course, the future mother.

  "This" three
Despite the growing freedom of morals, intimacy most people really is: He and She just blissfully secluded, albeit under the cover of apparent to all but the mystery.

Pregnancy in diseases of the thyroid gland
The healthy, physically strong, clever kid - cherished desire of every couple. However, it must be conceived that many factors have converged. Including very important hormonal balance. Among other bodies responsible for it, and the thyroid gland, which is often called the "conductor" of the whole organism.

Firmly locked
Difficulties with bowel movement (constipation or simply) complains about 70% of expectant mothers and one in three women after childbirth. The reasons for this may be many misfortunes. And purely physiological: the uterus grows, it compresses the intestine. And hormones: hormones of pregnancy reduces peristalsis. Let's try to figure out how to get rid of constipation and, and not to harm the baby.

Pregnancy and Travel
Waiting for the baby - not a reason to lock yourself in the four walls. What do they think about the journeys themselves expectant mothers, a student of the school for parents "New People"?

 Magazine "» № 6 - 2012

Art to be a mom
Many women discover the magical world of the spa, just being in the family way. We invite you to plunge into the wonderful world of Spa by Algotherm and take a fascinating journey through the center of the beauty in the company of a charming MAIL SAVE.

Wedding with a "dowry"
Previously, these marriages were called popularly disparaged - "on the aerial." But it is - in the past. I live across from the registrar's office and see how the matter of the exit door of the bride, proudly bearing a new life under a magnificent wedding dress.

World of hobbies
As a former career woman goes on maternity leave, the question arises: what to do? No, it is clear that the preparation for the birth and subsequent tinkering with baby free time left quite a bit. But for some reason in the beautiful month enjoying motherhood in women wake up many talents that require implementation.

  "Documented" pregnancy
Almost every step of the expectant mother must be recorded and documented. To the absence of one or another official document did not become a cause for disappointment, we decided to tell all "business certificates" needed a woman before, during and after pregnancy.

Birth injuries
Childbirth - a physiological process, and virtually every woman's body is adapted to to give birth to a healthy baby. Often during childbirth occur various injuries of the birth canal. Trauma - a word a little scary, but really not so scary: when properly administered birth most ancestral ways of injuries avoided.

Psychologist at birth
Genera with psychological support is getting more and more popular. The task of a psychologist - a link between all actors and maximize the psychological comfort for each of the parties.

Feed - easy, nice and beautiful
Promotion of breastfeeding, fortunately, does the job. An increasing number of young mothers abandoning nipples and bottles in favor of the infant is intended by nature.

Good Porridge
Cereal porridge formed the basis of human nutrition in the diet for centuries. And today, these dishes are still relevant and popular in any diet, including nursing mothers and babies.

We moms complicated relationship with water. Ten years ago, pregnant women are strictly limited in the consumption of liquid. Therefore, probably, even now, when such a ban is not definitive, future mothers rushing in conjectures: how much can actually drink the water? And in general - do we need water when there is tea, juice and milk?

 Magazine "» № 6 - 2012
  Magazine "» № 6 - 2012

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