New popular diet: I breakfast on a cold bath in the morning
 New book Venice Fulton described the six-week diet literally swept off UK shelves. She invited the women to lose weight is that they are very fond of not eating breakfast, taking a bath and drinking coffee.

Venice Fulton developed a six-week weight loss plan, it believes that it is not so much a diet as a mixture of food, biochemistry, genetics and psychology. The method allows to get rid of 20 pounds of fat (10 kg) and significantly reduces cellulite.

The author believes that the fractional power really is not as effective for weight loss, better stick to three meals a day. Breakfast should skip the first meal of the morning shift at 10 am, it will improve the metabolism. A hearty breakfast is actually blocks fat loss during the day - says Fulton.

And from the orange peel will deliver a combination of cold baths and black coffee. But if you are brave enough to dive in cold water completely, just enough to make the bath feet.

Author of the new system warns, fruit juices and smoothies cause overeating, and beloved by many nutritionists broccoli contains too many carbohydrates, and it is not useful to Coca-Cola.

The system of a six-week weight loss from Fulton promises to remove belly fat, improve the condition of hair, skin and nails, and help to feel good.

Do you believe in the new diet? Should we believe them unconditionally? For example, there are still many under the influence of the system Duke but this method led the list of the worst diets, which is published every year by the Association of Physicians of Great Britain.

Author: Julia Gnedina