Start of the second stage of the Open Cup of Latte Art Barista League
 June 24 at the cafe "Mosca" (the building of the "News") with the support of the informational project PIR will host the second stage of the Open Cup of Latte Art Barista League, called Barista Couple.

At this time, the barista will need to show their skills working in tandem with a colleague of the opposite sex. The action promises to be exciting not only for the participants but also for the spectators: prepare drinks will not be easy - the contestants one hand will be tied to each other. Couples determined by random draw. The jury will present participants of cappuccino and designer summer drink espresso-based ingredients which will be announced on the day of the championship. Will be evaluated as the taste and ability to work in a team.

Special guest of the event - Lukakis Christos (Greece), winner of the World Cup Latte Art in Maastricht in 2011.

We invite everyone to prove their skills in the preparation of coffee or just to witness an exciting competition. We are waiting for you on the second stage of the championship! Finals will be held in September at the exhibition "PIR. Hospitality Industry "-2012 in the forum" Coffee and Tea ".

  A more detailed description of the event here

Author: Marina Tumovskaya