The contest "The Amazing Adventures of accessories" to Accessorize on
 Our entire life consists of little things - as well as thoughtful image composed of multiple parts. And the daily life of any girl often consists of loss - loss of amenities. Earrings, rings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, hair clips, watch; umbrellas, gloves - their disappearance, sometimes quite mysterious, we can frustrate and disappoint. Sometimes they come back, and these returns can be iconic - fans of "Sex and the City" certainly remember how Kerry has already found mourn suspension blockages in the lining of her purse.

But we always believe in happy endings - even suddenly found missing will find a freshly bought a replacement; or loss will push for something new, unexpected and beautiful, opening new horizons for us.

Tell us about what adventures happened in the lives of your accessories - mysterious disappearance or appearance, Lost & Found, intricate quest of finding and happy. Perhaps you have already gathered a whole collection of such stories, or you know how to give a second life scattered pairs of earrings?

Take part in the competition "The Amazing Adventures of accessories" from Accessorize, and win one of three prizes from stylish Accessorize!

To participate in the contest "The Amazing Adventures of accessories" from Accessorize »place the story, which tells of the incredible disappearances, finds the appearance of a second life - the adventures of your accessories, illustrated by the author's photographs in the articles section" fashion items ", subsection" Accessories "in the period May 22, 2012 to June 22, 2012.

Member whose material pick up maximum points in user voting, will receive a gift from the sponsor of the contest, the brand Accessorize, luxurious roomy bag with colorful embroidery and sequins, which will become your indispensable companion in the summer adventures.
 The contest "The Amazing Adventures of accessories" to Accessorize on

Member, the story follows the adventures of accessories that will impress the administration of the project, becomes the owner of an elegant handbag champagne color and light, romantic, playful, scarf with floral patterns color cool night.

 The contest "The Amazing Adventures of accessories" to Accessorize on

The participant whose story will appreciate the sponsors of the competition, representatives of the brand Accessorize, get an evening clutch of unusual design, encrusted with sparkling stones.

 The contest "The Amazing Adventures of accessories" to Accessorize on

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Author: Marina Tumovskaya