Fashionable reality with
 Whoever said that a woman can do anything from three things: a scandal, a salad and a hat, a thousand times narrowed the range of possibilities of a real woman.

Everyone knows that a woman with their hands can create and show the world wonders:

She knows How to be irresistible, always and everywhere;

She knows How to change drastically in a matter of minutes;

She can   manicure, reduce the balance sheet and discuss the latest news at the same time;

She was known   at least 25 ways to tie a scarf;

She had the strength to turn your face into a work of art;

She can   out of the ordinary dishes to make a culinary masterpiece;

Long before the birth of the child she thinks   his fate and on what outfit to buy it in the first place;

She knows How to make the house comfortable, beautiful and stylish, and, with the help of available funds;

She knows Where to go, what to see, what to read and one to talk about this;

She knows That carry this spring, and how it will be combined with the collection of last season;

Even if something does not know it tomorrow will know it .

And she can do much more because she always creates - topics of conversation, the mood, comfort, hats or salads - a reality.

Create your own reality and you are today - a fashionable reality with And what will be in it - new shoes or change of image, a discussion of style and beauty, or buying mascara, ideas for home, fashion tips, news from the life of stars and new books - it's up to you, after all - it is your fashion reality!

Join us now, invite friends, and very soon you will discover the area of ​​fashion - with!