Competition "Gifts 1001 tip" with CACTUS
 Nearing a magical time of Christmas and New Year, and with him not only fun celebrations, meetings with friends and family, but also the countless gifts that we present to others, and get themselves. Joyful anticipation of the holidays kept most of us from childhood - so any adult, let alone a child pleasant attention, care and pleasant and (or) useful thing in a colorful packaging.

Women's social network together with a young and developing brand consumables CACTUS   conduct Competition entries "Gifts 1001 tip" . On the eve of the Christmas holidays, we invite you to write about the gifts - to share their thoughts on how to choose gifts, give them to tell a funny story about the gifts that happened to you or your friends.

7 winners will receive prizes from brand CACTUS

The winner will be the proud owner of a flash drive Cactus Penguin Driver, T-shirts and mugs.

Winners, who took 2nd and 3rd place will receive a Sponsor stick Cactus Penguin Driver and branded mug.

Participants who took the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th places, will be presented on the flash drive Cactus Penguin Driver
. Competition "Gifts 1001 tip" with CACTUS Competition "Gifts 1001 tip" with CACTUS Competition "Gifts 1001 tip" with CACTUS

Penguins are strongly associated with winter and snow - these cute Polar inspire the creation of a positive one of its kind, and remind us that the New Year is just around the corner. Similarly, flash CACTUS Penguin able to give a lot of pleasant emotions and become a great gift in the pre-season. This flash drive is like adolescent girls, and indeed, all those who are used to treat life with humor and positive. The device is assembled in the soft body of the friendly washable polymer - a kind of coat can be removed and washed under running water. The drive permanently preserve the pristine appearance thanks to a special coating that does not attract dust .

Uncover its secrets buying gifts. The article can be devoted to the selection of gifts for a certain group of people - for example, gifts to colleagues, family gifts, gifts for children, and can be generalized. Share your observations allow estimation of various gifts, tell a funny story on this topic. A requirement for participation in the competition article - to give useful advice to people who are choosing gifts. A useful (or "bad"), the Council may be in an article in whole or in part.

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Author: Marina Tumovskaya