Actor Ewan McGregor against Botox
 British actor Ewan McGregor has decided to refuse injections of Botox, when he saw the results of the procedure at one of the Americans.

A native of Scotland, famous actor Ewan McGregor is now living in California with his wife and children. Evan is not only an actor, but also the face of the fragrance Adventure Davidoff. Therefore, skin care and youth should be of interest to Evan.

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar McGregor admitted that, like many Hollywood stars, thinking about how to do Botox. But just give up the idea. Evan says: "Once in the airport, I saw a woman in the face with Botox. And it was awful! After that I decided that I would never do that to my face! ".

By the way, the wife of Evan also turned on Botox. "It does not do, and I will not. In the end, I'm an actor and I want to have my face! "- Explained Evans.

 Actor Ewan McGregor against Botox
Ewan McGregor in advertising fragrance by Davidoff

Author: Julia Gnedina